Children's Classes


As my son is only 4 and has been dancing in the 3-5's group, I was wondering how such a young group could be made to focus, pay attention and learn without distracting each other, but Charlotte has a wonderful presence and knack with the children, who learn and are firmly, but gently, guided to behave and concentrate whilst still totally enjoying themselves! A very clever teacher!  Alison - Parent

Classes are local, fun, safe and friendly and have a real community feel about them which is reflected in the summer show. You create a family feel to your classes where all the children are friends and feel supported not just by you but each other. I think Ellen chooses your classes over other dance classes because you teach them! Whatever you teach is always fun and not focused on exams and theories that I know Ellen is not interested in, she just wants to jump about and sing and say her lines with the enthusiasm that is shown by all your students if they forget a line, they help each other along the way which shows true support amongst the group. I like the healthy fresh buzz that you create in the class would love to learn how you keep a smile for so long! The recent summer show was as expected local children in their community, having fun, working together and loving every minute of it  as did the audience I wish life was always like your summer shows energy, happiness and not a care in the world!!  Jan - Parent


Olivia just loves the dancing lessons, she says that they are fun and she gets to wear funky clothes ! She really enjoys the shows and gets so much enjoyment and pride out of learning to perform, very many thanks.  Alicia - Parent


Charlotte's enthusiasm and talent spill over as she teaches. Her love of performance is infectious and all of the shows the children perform have been a delight.
She is an inspiration.
Debby - Parent 


I have been going to Saturday Classes for nearly 5 years and I enjoy it because.....

We're all good friends and we work together. Charlotte knows how to push us to our goals and shows us some really cool dance moves - we also get a chance to show off those moves in our shows!!  Lauren, age 11


I go to Hip Hop classes on a Thursday, which are great fun. I love the music and type of dance. I like the way we group up and do different dances and put them altogether to make a show. Charlotte is a great dance teacher and will always make you laugh.   Ellen, age 8



I never thought I would enjoy dancing as an exercise as I don't have any natural rhythm, however, I have surprised myself by how much I enjoy it and that I can actually follow the moves! A thorough workout that leaves you both breathless and smiling! I always receive encouragement even when I get it wrong! A strong exercise regime with a fun element added.  Janine


Dance class each week with Charlotte is a release for me and I get very grumpy if I miss it. we have a laugh, get fit and learn fun routines. I love it and Charlotte is wonderful.  Tracey

I go to the classes as part of my keep fit regime, I prefer the dancercise as apposed to a normal aerobics class.  I prefer this class as I am learning new forms of dance and it is kept interesting by changing that dance every few months, I also like the way we incorporate a circuit training into each session, this has been great for my core strength and am using this in my daily exercises at home.  I feel a lot more energetic and have toned up my body due to the circuit training we do and I am learning lots of new dance moves.  I think Charlotte is a great dance teacher and is very knowledgeable about all areas of fitness and exercise, after every class I feel like I have had a very good workout, the class is also a lot of fun with a great bunch of people.  Laurina

It is 15 years since I last joined an exercise class although tried a fitness club and hated it so wasn't too keen however have really enjoyed Dancercise. It has a relaxed friendly, atmosphere and no competitiveness so I don't feel awkward or embarrassed (especially when I can't get the dance right!) I hope to gain more flexibility in my joints that are a bit stiff and tone up my body. My daughter has joined too and is enjoying it so appeals to a wide age range.  Shirley


I first came to Charlotte's class when a friend invited me, she told me I would enjoy it, and she was right! It took a while to learn the warm up but Charlotte doesn't make you feel silly if you get it wrong, just loads of encouragment. It's a great class, loads of fun so much that you hardly notice you are keeping fit. Learning different styles of dance every 6 weeks keeps it interesting too - keep up the good work Charlotte!!!  Louise

If you're looking for a fun way to get fit, forget the gym, try Dancercise. Dancing is a great way to exercise, lose weight and feel great. Charlotte is a fantastic teacher - she choreographs each dance piece and builds it up week by week until you have learnt the whole thing before moving on to something new - it's never boring! You will work those muscles, laugh a lot and have a great time doing it!  Jacqueline

I have been attending Charlotte's Dancercise classes now for just over a year. We begin with a modern warm up dance carefully choreographed by Charlotte, followed by a circuit of 6 or 7 activities and finally in the last third of the class we learn a dance and this has been anything from Bollywood to Lindy Hop. The class is attended by a nice mix of young and older ladies. It is a very comfortable and welcoming class and everyone is encouraged by Charlotte to push themselves to whatever their levels may be. The class is fun, laid back and you never feel not good enough or inadequate in any way. Charlotte is very patient especially with those of us with "dance dyslexia" and you can achieve a good hours "fun" exercise and get as much or a little from a class as you want to. I have never been keen on "exercise for exercise sake" but I love my dance class and Charlotte makes it what it is with her warm and smiley personality. Charlotte has changed my attitude as well as my shape! I attend twice a week now and not much stops me from going. If I can do it anybody can!  Annette

Since starting dancercise just over a year ago I have lost weight and I am more fit. The classes offer plenty of variety and suit all levels of fitness, dancing experience and all ages too. Charlotte is so positive, she is a very good motivator and she always has a smile on her face.  Hilary

I have been enjoying Charlottte's Dancercise for over a year now. It is a brilliant way to keep fit whilst meeting new people and learning some new dance moves! The circuits are great as you can take it at your own pace and build your fitness and stamina. Learning different styles of dance keeps it fresh and interesting and i look forward to it each week. Thanks Charlotte.  Laura


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