New Class for September 2018!

Calling all under 7's who like to relax, dance their hearts out, and express themselves... 

In our NEW Friday afternoon class "Enchanted Dance" your child will be able to be crazy and calm all in one session!

Venue: Little Waltham Memorial Hall

4:30 - 5:00pm - "Tots Enchanted Dance" Ages 3-4 years

5:00 - 5:45pm - "Enchanted Dance" Ages 5-7 years

Considering the child in a holistic capacity, my classes will include:

- Sharing circle where the children say how they are feeling, getting the chance to support each other, and offload at the end of the week.

- Freestyle dancing exploring different dance styles and music to encourage the children to expressing themselves freely.

- Fun exercises to improve creativity through dance and enchanted stories.

- Partner and group work to strengthen the idea of community, support, confidence and friendship.

- Meditation/relaxation/breathing. Learning how to feel grounded and calm.

- Stretching the body with yoga poses and routines.

- Positive affirmations and Gratitude for developing a positive mindset.

On the last class of each half term I would like to welcome parents to come back for the last 15 minutes to enjoy a special relaxation/bonding time with your child.

For children over 7 years old I offer "Creative Dance" at The Hamptons Sports and Leaiure once per month.




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