Adult Dance Classes

If you are looking for adult dance classes, why not try our "Inner Goddess Dance Workshop"! 


 Inner Goddess Dance Class

  I think for me the idea of an " inner goddess workshop" felt a little indulgant. I feel woman are the harshest judges of ourselves and each other. We judge our own, and each other's age, appearance, career choices , parenting styles.... the list goes on. So for me, the workshop provided a safe forum, where I could be free from judgement, to replenish my needs, spiritually , mentally and physically. I met some truly inspirational woman, and left feeling liberated. It is imperative that we fill ourselves up before we can offer ourselves wholeheartedly to others. When people say " she is so full of herself" it is nothing less than a compliment. The full woman's cup overflows, and she literally has so much to give. It is a fun and sassy way for women to connect . You will leave this workshop feeling empowered.  Debbie


Other classes for adults include:

Monthly family Yoga and Goddess Circles for women.  See our Timetable for more information.  Book by emailing us today at





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