Inner Goddess Dance Workshop



The monthly "Inner Goddess Dance Workshop", has been created by Charlotte using a mixture of self discovery and dance exercises, with the following themes in mind...

Finding Freedom

Improving self confidence

Learning how to love our physical body

Tapping into our own creativity

Using the energy of the full moon

Being present & conscious of our emotions

How to feel more empowered

Allowing our divine feminine energy to flow

Sexy Sensual Soulful

Self Care


Gaining more confidence in our dance ability

Unleashing the Goddess within


It's time out once a month to reconnect with ourselves and without judgement.  We are not focussing on dance ability in this unique class. What we are doing is using movement to music and dance, as amazing tools to improve YOUR self-confidence.  This class has been designed for women who desire to wake up each day embracing who they truly are, having discovered their "Inner Goddess"



  • In your daily life are you concerned with what people think of you? 
  • Are you constantly putting yourself on hold to serve the needs of others first?
  • Do you currently look in the mirror and think negative thoughts about the way you appear?
  • Do you avoid the dance floor on nights out, because you don't think you are good enough to dance, especially in front of others?
  • Is one of your favourite things in the world... dancing!?



Wherever you are on your journey - I want you to know I understand because I too have felt all these things, as a woman, mother, even as a professional dancer. I will give you tools to change the way you feel about yourself and to bring more self-love and happiness into your own life.

Join me and other awesome ladies in the Dance Studio at:
Hamptons Sports and Leisure (formally The Marconi Club) in Chelmsford from 8:30-10:00pm every last Wednesday of each month.


The investment for this class is £15.  


Please note: There is a limit for this workshop and we advise you book your place via PayPal... Book Classes  Contact us via email or connect with us on Facebook

I look forward to creating and sharing an empowering experience with you.


Charlotte x   








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